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As our bodies age, our bodies just don't heal as quickly. Nowhere is this declining process more apparent than with our skin. Young skin has plenty of the proteins collagen and elastin, making our skin look smooth and feel so soft. Over time, collagen and elastin is less easily replaced by the body. The skin becomes less elastic. Wrinkles form where there is less collagen and elastin in the skin.

Skin creams can help with tiny wrinkles. As the wrinkles get larger, you need a more effective solution to restoring your skin.

Professional anti-aging treatments encourage more collagen and elastin to be created and replenish the skin. Younger Reflections has some treatments to help rejuvenate your skin:


Younger Reflections uses the Chiro 950 microcurrent device. Since its release to market in 2008, this device has been recognized as the standard for anti-aging treatments of the skin. Anywhere from head to toe, the Chiro 950 microcurrent treatments can restore lost elastin to the skin. As the protein returns to your skin, you will notice improved flexibility, fewer wrinkles, and smoother skin. Schedule an appointment with Younger Reflections for a pain-free way that can:

  • Lighten skin spots
  • Tighten loose, wrinkled skin
  • Reduce fat and cellulite, body contouring
  • Boost metabolism and energy levels
  • Reduce scars, acne, and stretch marks
  • Improve muscle strength and toning
  • Treats post-pregnancy body issues
  • Reduces callouses on elbows and knees
Lipo-Light Fine-Light Mask

The Lipo-Light Fine-Light Mask heals the skin around the face. The array of red LED lights on the mask promote the production of collagen and elastin to our face. The result is reduced and eliminated wrinkles, and skin that is smoother, healthier, younger-looking, and more radiant.

The Fine-Light Mask has passed vigorous testing from many institutions including universities, medical labs, and NASA. For many years, it has returned a younger face to many people all over the world. It has been effective to:

  • Smooth out the fine lines of aging
  • Reverse the onset of wrinkles
  • Reduce puffiness around the eyes
  • Reduce the effects of saggy skin
  • Increase the skin’s ability to hydrate itself
  • Reduce the size of skin pores
  • Smooth the texture of the skin
  • Restore a youthful skin tone
  • Lighten age spots
  • Promote radiance

When you have had enough of skin treatments that are full of petrochemicals, parabens, sodium laureth sulfate (SLS), or sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES), try our skin revitalizing Fine-Light treatment. In just a few 10-minute sessions, you will notice softer, more youthful skin.

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